Friday, October 24, 2014

Little Victories

The agent from BT called. Our correct phone number has finally been restored... and our charges - going forward - have been significantly reduced.

Broadband is stil very slow - so the Gorse Fox complained about this and she took it in hand. let's see what happens over the next few days as there has been no real increase in speed over the last week and by now it should be approaching its optimum.


The Gorse Fox got an alert. Tickets for Eric Clapton's 2015 Royal Albert Hall concerts were going on sale at 0900 this morning. He loogged on an found himself in a queue with 3349 people in front of him, just to gain access to the website. By the time he reached the head of the queue all of the prime tickets had gone. He did, however, manage to grab a few for next May.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Now that the Gorse Fox has, what BT laughingly refer to as, Broadband, he has been able to log in and download all of the various bank transactions that have accumulated since we moved. It has taken all morning to go through them and record them all.

The Gorse Fox use MoneyDashboard which is a very useful aggregator for all of the various accounts. The problem is that they seem to have change the interface somewhat and it looks like they have hidden or lost the facility that allow you to download all of the transactions to a spreadsheet. The GF is not sure how this constitutes progress.


We heard last week that the Coventry Hobbit had been involved in a motorcycle  crash. Yesterday it became clear that, one week on, bruising was still developing. It was decided he should head back to the hospital.

We await news... and hope that all is ok.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

We Wuz Robbed

So the local derby game was played. It  was great fun, ending up 0-0. This, however, meant a penalty shoot-out. We were slightly hampered by a ref who couldn't count. The iidea was 5 penalties each team, and if still a draw, then sudden death.

The Gorse Fox went in goal for his team - and saved 3 of the 5 penalties. Our team scored 3 penalties - so had logically won. Trouble was the ref had lost count and went to sudden death where the Gorse Fox not only let the next ball through, but being his turn to take a penalty, he hit it straight at the goal keeper.


One of the organisers from Brighton & Hove Albion was there taking photos which are, apparently, destined for twitter. The Gorse Fox will keep an eye out. 

Local Derby

Today the Gorse Fox has another football match. This is a local derby against Littlehampton - at their ground. At least it isn't quite as blustery as yesterday - though there is a nip in the air. Not sure how many of our lads will turn up - but we'll see.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The Silver Vixen was out playing with her coven. This left the Gorse Fox at home alone. Alone, and online (finally).

It wasn't plain sailing. It was so long since some of the systems had been connected that they all wanted to back-up or update. The iPhone took 4 hours to update, the iPad threatened to take 7 - but only took 4 hours. Let's hope things speed up.

We met with the chap who will be developing our Orangery to tie down some basic logistcs and answer some final questions. Looks like they can't start until the New Year, now. That's not too much of a problem and not too much of a delay.

Monday, October 20, 2014


The Gorse Fox heaves a sigh of relief. Broadband service has been switched on. 

At the moment he feels like he has been under a Stone Age seige and the digital relief column has been seen coming over the hill, but hasn't quite arrived. The speed of the link is dreadfully slow at present, but should pick up as the line settles and the modem tunes itself. It's still too soon to do a great deal, but at least the infrastructure is now in place. 

Another working week

And so begins another working week. 

Ooops, oh no it doesn't. It's another non-working week. No commuting, no irritating conference calls, no stupid targets, no annual assessments, no clients, and no management by running around shouting. Just the Silver Vixen, other nice people, and nice tasks that the Gorse Fox wants to perform, rather than has to perform... and the odd game of football.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Well the football went well with the Gorse Fox on the winning side in 3 out of 4 games. The last one being a draw. He also scored several goals. 

After that it was home where Urban-cub and Pistol Pete came to visit and cook Sunday lunch. Lovely afternoon.

Mixed Signals

Apparently the arena where the Gorse Fox is playing football this morning has 3G AstroTurf. Hopefully this will mean he gets a better signal on his phone :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Spent some time today swapping phones around. The Silver Vixen has upgraded, so the Gorse Fox has taken over her old phone. This took a bit of fiddling about as it needed a change of SIM card. Gorse Fox noticed a new deal for a 4G SIM with 1GB of data. This couldn't be handled in the shop so he phoned customer services. It turns out that the £16.50 deal was only for new customers and for the Gorse Fox it would have been £22.50. Not a lot, but it was a matter of principle. The Gorse Fox told them to stuff it.

(Oh yes, and he put some dubbin on his new football boots ready for tomorrow's game at Ford Arena).

Friday, October 17, 2014


BT have promised Broadband connection on Monday. Forgive a degree of scepticism, but the Gorse Fox will believe it when he sees it.

Taking it more seriously

New football boots for astroturf pitches - at the age of 62. The Gorse Fox is beginning to get the hang of retirement!


Over the past decade or two the uk has embraced a few of the US-styled Shopping Malls. The most famous are probably Bluewater, Lakeside, Westfield, and the Trafford Centre. Today we plan to head for the closest we have on the South Coast - WestQuay at Southampton.

(Very happy with the blinds that were installed yesterday. It is only psychological, but somehow it made the house feel even more cosy last night. Only a few more weeks to go before the shutters arrive. Apparently, they take about 9 days to make, but then spend 6 weeks on a ship between China and Southampton - so the Gorse Fox expects they are on the high seas at present).

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blinded by the light

Apollo is due at 08:30. He will start the process of providing us some privacy by fitting blinds at all of the side and rear windows. It will probably take him most of the day, but the Gorse Fox is fairly certain he will do a good job (compared to some of the fittings done by other suppliers in neighbouring houses. 

Yesterday's football went well, though the Gorse Fox only managed one goal. Next week we have a competitive match against against a team from Littlehampton. That should be a bit of a blast.

We also heard that the Coventry Hobbit had tried to defy the laws of physics and experimented with the effects of trying to destroy road surface with human tissue whilst try to see if a moped could defy the laws of gravity. Empirically, it is now clear that roads and their bordering vegetation tend to deal with the impact of a human head and appendages rather better than the aforementioned collection of tissue (what we used to refer to as wetware). We wish him a very speedy recovery, and trust that he is not too much discomfort. I guess this tarmac surgery will merely add to his rugged good looks!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A la mode

Walking around the housing development yesterday, it occurred to the Gorse Fox how fashion changes. In the old days, every house would have net curtains and curtains at the windows. Slowly, the popularity of net curtains seemed to wane. Indeed the Gorse Fox only noticed two houses with nets yesterday.

It isn't just nets that have diminished in popularity. The Gorse Fox would estimate that 80% of all the houses had eschewed curtains and chosen blinds - be they venetian or vertical.

Funny how styles change.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fruitful day

It's been a fruitful day. BT called and are now trying to sort out our broadband service and a number of other service options. Hopefully all will be sorted out in a couple of days. What is better still is that the new contracts are all significantly less monthly than the previous service.

The Gorse Fox went to pot a letter and had a serendipitous meeting with the site manager. It gave hime an opportunity to explain the issue regarding the chimney, and point out that a nearby house had a lining installed only yesterday. This was followed up a few hours later when the Gorse Fox bumped into the Customer Care manager. He is looking at scheduling us some access to their cherry-picker when it is on site for other tasks in the next few weeks,

Monday, October 13, 2014


Finally we are connected again. Well, to the phone network anyway (not Broadband yet). However, they have assigned us a different number from that we had sent out to all our friends and family. Hopefully, this is just a temporary measure and we can get the other number re-instated.

The engineer claims the Broadband may be switched on by midnight. The Gorse Fox is hopeful, but not optimistic!

Inching forward

The Gorse Fox has noticed we now have a dial tone. None of the numbers we have been told about will ring it yet... but at least there is a dial tone. (To be fair the engineer is due this afternoon).

Absolute deluge again over night - but despite this, there is no standing water nearby. Obviously the drainage is well-designed (thank goodness).

Sunday, October 12, 2014


It's Sunday. It's a quiet day. So quiet in fact that we though we were the only people left in Bersted. Not a sound could be heard from the garden. Well, not until the Gorse Fox decided it had dried up enough to mow the lawn, anyway.

Gorse Fox has also been looking at the best way of labelling the storage boxes he has in his storage unit. He decided on a simple Location, Theme, Content schema. Location is defined by position in study (i.e. "E" represents the storage on the eastern wall) then simple x-y coordinates. Thus E-4-5 is a box stored in the eastern storage system, in the cubby hole that is 4 columns across and 5 rows up. (Mmmm, maybe he should have used an Excel-like co-ordinate system - No he'll stick with it). The labels are printed on card and slotted into adhesive labe holders in the front of each box.

The Gorse Fox, still living on the edge!

Saturday, October 11, 2014


It's been a quietish day, though we did head to the shops for some descaler for the coffee machine. (Who says retirees don't live on the edge?). 

Whilst out we also managed to find some bedside lights for our room - something that we had not both agreed on in the past. We had found some, but not agreed. This time they leapt off the shelf at both of us. Sorted.

Tonight we have Trevor (Rick Wakeman) and Sue coming to visit and share in some Indian-based repast. Should be great fun (though Gorse Fox suspects it will be a late one).